Curatorial Power

‘Work In Progress’ … Curatorial power of Crop Up Gallery

It is interesting to see how Crop Up Gallery approached the theme ‘Work In Progress’, as we so often focus on artists’ approaches to a theme, and ignore where it has stemmed from originally. In this short piece, I will focus on the significance of ‘Work In Progress’ to Crop Up Gallery and their curatorial influences on the audience.16521880_872415252862131_1600660651_n

When deciding on the exhibition, Crop Up Gallery took the theme back to basics, but also tackled some of the most fundamental issues, for example, what constitutes art? In stating that they took it ‘back to basics’ is to suggest their appreciation of art as a process. They understood that all art is the product of its maker and each maker has a different approach to their practice. Art is a subjective and personal endeavour so why should Crop Up find a title for art to ‘fit’? Yet, this broad theme ‘Work In Progress’ encompassed all that art is; a continuously evolving and infinite practice.

Crop Up Gallery’s curatorial influence proceeded by encouraging the artists to provide works that showed their developments towards a final outcome. Those pieces, and the form of their display influenced the way the audience interpreted them: finished or unfinished works of art. In this way, if the audience simply looked at the works of varying size, medium and detail, they could be deceived into thinking they were the ‘finished’ products of each artist. This therefore, shows the significance of curatorial text in changing the audiences’ perception, but also the fine line between works viewed as finished or unfinished. Crop Up Gallery subtly showed their power and importance as curators, as they influenced the audience to think critically about art and its development. They showed that all art is part of a developing process and of equal significance.

By Cecily Rainey

For more information and your chance to visit ‘Work In Progress’ click here.

Follow Cecily’s own artistic practice by clicking here.



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