A Piece of Art That Means Something to Me…

A Piece of Art That Means Something to Me:

I couldn’t simply choose one artwork that has resonated with me: I have three. Throughout my life, I have been drawn towards fashion. Couture is arguably art, due to the craftsmanship, talent and awe inspiring feelings that it induces. The couture shows of Dior and Valentino have haunted my memory throughout time. Their illusory, dream-like creations waft seamlessly down runways. Myriads of colours combined with highly detailed embroidery on lightweight fabrics gives a weightless and airy quality. Fashion and art have always crossed paths and will do so evermore in the future.

Valentino Spring 2017                                 Dior Spring 2017

Secondly, another artwork that I have been drawn towards is Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. Although I have never studied the work exclusively throughout my history of art studies, the painting is one of the most famous artworks of Botticelli’s and also of Italian Renaissance Art. Mythological subjects have a certain romanticism associated with it. I have always dreamed of seeing this masterpiece in the flesh in the Uffizi gallery in Florence, as I find that artwork is always more striking when viewing in person rather than using the magnificence that is the internet. The concept of Venus itself is iconic in art history. At the time of the painting it was associated with divine love, however it has morphed over time to also become a paradigm for beauty and perfection.

Sandro Botticelli’s Birth of Venus (1486)                          Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Lastly, Edgar Degas’ infamous paintings of ballet dancers are also important to me. I have loved ballet from a young age, therefore it is natural for me to be drawn towards anything to do with the subject. Degas’s numerous ballet dancer paintings were integral to the impressionist movement in the late 19th century. It reinforced his flaneur persona which was also part of Parisian culture. This further delves into my personal interests. From a young age I have always had this far-fetched dream that I wanted to live in Paris as a young twenty-something and drive around on a pink moped. Considering that I am turning twenty in a couple of months and the amount of debt that is looming over me from university, the dream is becoming even more a distant unreality.


Edgar Degas, The Dance Class, 1874.


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