Sanctuary Exhibition: Artcodes Part 3

The images displayed at the Lakeside gallery have been generously gifted from a patron and the Crop up gallery have incorporated an innovative way for spectators to access more information about the images. Below are a range of links that members of the Crop up gallery have found and have been inspired by:

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 21.58.17
JACKIE NICKERSON, From Faith Series 2005
Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 21.59.02
Portrait of A Young Woman by Giuilano de Medici

Initially Looking at this photograph, I wasn’t sure who or what to compare it to. The man depicted manages to look both like he could be someone you know – someone specific, someone you’re trying to remember from a long time ago – and at the same time like he could be anybody. Then I realised who else managed to achieve this quality in his work; Botticelli.

His portraits such as Portrait of a Young Woman or that of Giuliano de’ Medici have the same bold, one tone background and profile angle. They also have the same timeless quality; the clothes and hairstyles give little away to date each of the three pieces. Moreover, they all share an apparent simplicity, which creates striking portraits of someone you feel you know, or perhaps, will never know.


By Seonagh Murray


Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 21.58.28
SALLY SMART, The Choreography of Cutting, The Pedagogical Puppet cutting and tearing Nos. 2 and 5

I thought it would be great to have something a little fun for the kids (or to bring the inner child within the adults), to be able to learn how to make a toy theatre. This is because Smark’s images look the way silhouettes of a theater show would look like. Follow the link for instructions on how to make a toy theater: 


By Denise Odong


Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 21.58.38
Samuel Fosso, From Tati Series 1997

This reminds me of a group of Black African men (the Sapeurs) who dress in flamboyant suits, which is one feature of their subcultural group who were featured in a Guinness campaign. Read the article and watch the video link to find out more about this wonderful group.



By Denise Odong


Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 21.58.46
ANNI LEPPALA, In the Attic 2014


In the attic

Creaky ladder rungs lead

to an unfamiliar dark scape

where beams of light

illuminate the dust particles.

They settle on what

appears to be dilapidated boxes,

but are the Origami folds

of forgotten memories.


By Seonagh Murray


We’ve also made a playlist inspired by the photographs on show! Click the link to listen:


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