3rd – 11th February 2017

NTU Artists

Backlit Gallery

Crop Up Gallery is excited to announce their collaborative exhibition with Nottingham Trent Art Students titled ‘Work in Progress’, showing at Backlit Gallery from February 3rd to 11th 2017. This is a new and exciting exhibition that combines the artistic minds and talents from two of the UK’s most prolific universities, showcasing them in one of the Midland’s independent dimensional spaces. Through our exhibition we want to question the difference between the private and the public. What constitutes as a final piece of work that is hung in the gallery? Is the process of creation not just as important as the final product? To answer these questions we have chosen 8 talented artists from a cross section of mediums, who will review and interpret these issues in their own practice. This innovative exhibition will allow the public to get an insight into an artist’s mind and the creative processes that undergo a final piece of work.

Dates for exhibition: February 3rd – 11th


Friday 3rd – Private view 6-9pm

Wednesday 8th – Student led walkthrough of the exhibition 2-5pm

Saturday 11th – Family workshop 12:30-4:30pm


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